A.W. Painting Company was established in 2008 by Alex Wendt. Mr. Wendt got his start in the industry at a young age with his father's painting company -Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons.

​                  A brief history of A.W. Painting Company

On May 29, 1989, Alex Edward Wendt was born to Don and Janet Wendt at Research Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. Alex grew up in Lee's Summit, Mo. and when he was six he moved to Greenwood, Mo. where he would stay until he graduated from Lee's Summit High School in 2007.

As soon as Alex could walk he was at his father's jobs (Don Wendt) painting and learning the trade first hand. His father's jobs weren't just any "run of the mill job" he specialized in historical Catholic church restoration and renovations across the Midwest.


Every chance Alex had while going to school he would go work with his father to learn the in and outs of the trade and the importance of hard work, craftsmanship, and treating the customer with the utmost respect and kindness. 

After graduation, Alex started working full time with Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons. After three years of not stop projects, E.S.S. workload began to slow down due to "the great recession". Alex's father knowing work would be slow for the for seeable future suggested to Alex that he should start his own painting company.


So in 2008 after five months of knocking on doors and handing out flyers, Alex caught his first big break, the very first paint job he would contract and complete on his own. When he completed his first contract on time and on a budget, things started to take off for A.W. Painting. 


Did you Know?

98% of work contracted with A.W. Painting was done by brush & roll.

A.W. Painting Company Greenwood, Mo

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A.W. Painting Company

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